Verstegen loopt op een na beste tijd

Madrid (Spanje), 14 juli, Meeting de Atletismo
Sanne Verstegen heeft in Madrid onder tropische temperaturen (40 graden!) de tweede tijd uit haar loopbaan gelopen op de 800m: 1.59,55. Het leverde haar een tweede plaats op. Zij verkoos de Meeting de Atletismo boven de series van de 800m van de NK in Utrecht. Waarom? Dit stond op haar Facebookpagina:

So what’s next: I was really looking forward to an interesting race at nationals. One of the conditions to make the team for worlds is participating at Nationals. With this condition in the back of my mind I entered for both the 800m and 1500m, expecting there would be at least one race where Sifan Hassan and/or Maureen Koster would enter. The fact of the matter is that both of them, and a lot more Worlds qualifiers, didn’t enter at all and the federation gave them the nod to race elsewhere. For me, that meant I was going to race solo races at Nationals, and I was looking for some fun competition and speed. Madrid offered a place on the 800m starting line, so I’ll be running this one on Friday night. I didn’t get the free pass for Nationals, so looks like I will be back to line up for the 1500m Saturday afternoon. A silly situation with double standards caused by the technical Director.